Around Tremenico

The Valvarrone is dominated by the highest mountain in Lecco province – Legnone (2610m). The villages in the valley are all on the northern flank, linked by a winding road. They still retain their character and traditions, and are renowned for their hospitality.

The thriving town of Premana, with its closely packed houses thronging the hillside, is home to an interesting folk museum. Here are preserved many objects connected with past agricultural and craft activities, as well as documents relating to the history of metallurgy and steel-making for which the town is famous, particularly for its craftsmanship in the production of scissors, knives and outdoor equipment.

Despite its steepness, the valley sides are entirely covered in vegetation right up to the watershed. On the lower slopes there are terraces with vineyards and fruit trees, higher up come chestnut woods with clearings and meadows, above these grow beech and birch which give way to larch, pine and fir plantations and finally, above 1900m, trees make way for steep grassy slopes which are given over to pastures. There is a network of paths winding their way through the woods, meadows and alpine pastures, leading up to the more demanding mountain ascents. Each village has its own network of paths and mule tracks which lead to barns, alpine pastures, and mountain refuges giving a varied experience of the natural environment.